SMARTPHONES: the best smartphones for games

Pokemon Go: the best smartphones for the game


With the arrival Pokémon GO the market of smartphones is one of those who benefited. The game needs certain features that are only present in some mobile devices.
This makes any player potential wondering what the most appropriate cell phone?

Ewan Spence, Forbes columnist, explains the main features that a smartphone should have to support Pokémon Go in the best possible way.

According to precise, the factor determinant is the battery.

Pokémon Go consists of leaving home, smartphone in hand, to hunt down the virtual creatures. The game makes use of three features that consumes quickly it battery:Internet, the camera and the screen.

In campaigns of long road the benefit of a battery of large capacity is essential.

Despite the capabilities of batterysaving that the game offers, the advances of the 6.0 Android Pokémon Go operates properly starting with version 4.4-, it is not onlythis factor which helps to a better experience a virtual world to the real scenario.

A proper screen, as the AMOLED, is an option complementary to the of the battery.

Its increase of contrast and most vibrant color through glass, offering liquid – whiledarker screen consumes less battery help a better definition images and saving.

Pokemon Go: the best smartphones for the game

As for the geo-location using Pokémon Go, cell phones with GLONASS is a faster alternative and offering better accuracy.

Modern iPhones have this system. While withthe latest update of Android smartphones with GLONASS and GPS.

Thus, when talking about specific brands, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and 6 Plus iPhone complies with all requirements suggested by Ewan Spence. Forbes includes as equipment alternative to the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium and the Galaxy of Samsung S7.


Pokemon Go: the best smartphones for the game

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